US Citizenship Test 2022

Get ready for the US Naturalization Test with Interactive Quizzes, Audios, N400, Study Materials and more...
US Civics Test Study Tool 2022.


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Some Highlights

The Best Citizenship app. Try it now, become a US Citizen sooner

Work on your time​

The app gives you the freedom to study for your US Citizenship Test at your own pace. Available anywhere. Keep your app updated and ready.

Personalize your Tests

You can mark questions as favorite or needs improvement. Then, you can test on these questions independently (Starred Questions)

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Use the Flashcards​

The flashcards is a fun way to study. 100 flashcards each on a single slide with audio. You will be Citizen Ready!

Writing and Reading Test

Practice you reading, writing, listening and pronunciation skills. This is a very important step of your US Citizenship Test.

Up to date information about your Representatives

Up to date information about your Representatives

Select your favorite answers and make your learning easier

Select your favorite answers and make your learning easier

Automatic audio playback on Tests and Flashcards

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… and if the App it’s not enough for you, we invite you to follow us on YouTube [Citizen Now App]. We will be publishing videos to help you become a US Citizen, like the one shown below.


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Citizen Now app is designed to help you effectively study, have fun, and pass the US Citizenship Test


Most frequent questions and answers
When you provide a zip code, it helps us identify who represents you. From governors to representatives (congressmen) at the local level. These facts become part of your citizenship test.
The questions have a star (icon) that you can check and uncheck. With this, you can group the questions that need further review and do tests only on these questions. It makes studying easier.
The content is sourced directly from federal sources. Education products from uscis.gov, Governors from www.nga.org, Senators from www.senate.gov, Representatives from www.house.gov. Only the false answers are generated by us.
Citizen Now and/or its affiliates cannot guarantee that you will pass the test. Like any test, too many variables exist and typically are based on studying habits. If you study using this app, we can say you will have a better chance of succeeding.
We are not happy that there is something wrong but we appreciate any and all feedback. We look forward to improving the app when possible. Please, send an email to info@liontude.com with concerns.